Versatility: A Key Trait of Great Teachers

Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges

Joyce Meyer

Teaching is both an act and an art.

Other than what we teach in our classrooms, how do we handle our vulnerable moments or special learners who seem not to be on the page with the others?

How do we respond to questions we do not have answers to?

Being a great teacher has more to do with reaching the heart of every child, modelling their character and producing the best versions of who they were.

A versatile teacher is one who is able to adapt to different circumstances and also adopt innovative strategies to solve challenges. If you are versatile, you become flexible and dynamic – such that you are able to relate with every learner according to their individual differences.

Versatile teachers are broad-minded, not judgmental and able to relate to learners’ deepest needs.

Did you know that versatility is the best recipe for creativity and innovations?

This goes to say that a teacher who is not versatile is yet to explore the height of his or her creativity along with massive drawbacks in innovative abilities.

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