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We provide specialized and professional services to meet your managerial and education needs and promote the development of the education system.


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Our Services includes; School Branding & Global visibility, Blended curriculum development, Recruitment, Specialized...

Institute of Learning

  • Individualized / Professional Learning
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  • Instructor-led classes…



Charity & Wellbeing

We provide humanitarian assistance which is our social responsibility to promote capacity building, impact lives...
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Our library of rich and exquisite content is both rich and value for your investment. Visit our Store for our collections of Ebooks, Manuals, Education contents...

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We pride ourselves in the provision of quality and professional services to our clients no matter your race, geographical location and needs we are capable and can be trusted.

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We are here to help

We are poised to helping you build a strong education institution, promote development among educators, satisfy the needs of educators, students and education stakeholders.

We are always there to help!

Upsurge Consultancy

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs

Our team of industry experts in the education constantly research on ways to solve education problems and cater for your academic needs. We have a track record of excellence and are keen to delivering excellent results.

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School Brand Building & Global Visibility

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