This is the Story
We are a corporate firm that is passionate about the total development of the education sector by providing diverse and effective tools to equip and empower educators/education stakeholders towards the attainment of their respective goals. At UIC, we believe that every individual is the master of his/her own craft and as such has the potential to attain success if provided with the requisite knowledge, skills, exposure and relevant networks. We offer sincere, pragmatic and objective-driven consultancy services, counseling sessions and support teenagers/young adults on their journey to self-discovery and career prospects.
Upsurge Institute and Consultations is a sister company of Upsurge Education Partners. A registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (BN3400457which is keen to meeting education needs.

Our Vision

  • To foster individual’s drive to attain success and unimaginable feats thereby leaving positive imprint on the society.
  • We aim at furnishing and developing each person’s potential in order to foster excellence in their academic pursuit
  • To Uphold the unified aims and objective of education by bringing lasting positive change to learners behaviour.
  • Provide quality and rigorous education with a focus on students’ distinctive learning styles.


Our Mission

  • To have a lasting impact on the lives of teenagers and young adults
  • To furnish and develop individual’s potential through result-oriented seminars & healthy counseling
  • To provide effective workshops/training for teachers and school owners as it is key for self & professional development
  • To Create an environment without restrictions of place and time to enable students take full control of learning.

Our services

What we offer

Trainings & Professional Development

Effective Communication in English Language and Literacy Teaching Training, Seminars & Workshops, Teachers Professional Training - TPT (Inductive training), Professional Development & Career counselling.

Educational Consulting Services

We help institutions develop working Hybrid and Blended Learning System (Nigerian-cum-British Curriculum) from development to implementation we will be with you all the way.

Seminars & Workshops

We have tailored seminars, sympossiums and workshops aimed at education and improving professionalism and the teaching culture in Education

IT Services & Consultancy

Our Services includes; School Branding & Global visibility, Blended curriculum development, Recruitment, Specialized..

Institute of Learning

Individualized / Professional Learning Personalized / Remote Learning Instructor-led classes…


Technology Integration in Education - TIE (Education beyond the classroom), Integration of 21st century tools for teaching and learning and Specialized ICT training for staff.

Charity & Wellbeing

We provide humanitarian assistance which is our social responsibility to promote capacity building, impact lives...

Upsurge Stores & Digital Sales

Our library of rich and exquisite content is both rich and value for your investment. Visit our Store for our collections of Ebooks, Manuals, Education contents...


Teachers Professional Training Inductive and Specialized - TPT (Inductive training), Professional Development & Career counselling.

Our Team

Meet our team members and founding partners…

Williams E. EMMANUEL

Founding Partner/ Executive Director

He is a licenced and certified educator and IT specialist with years of experience in education and technology. 

Hannah B. ALI

Founding Partner/ Director

A sound language educator and expert in the pedagogy of education

Our Partners

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